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Below you will find 3d images representing the cover and each of the five sections of the Real Estate Almanac.


In addition to providing the print visuals, we have also included the honoree badge. You can use any of the badges for your purpose. We’ve provided an array of options so that you can use the one that applies best in your application.

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Press Releases

Below you will find a copy of the press releases in reference to the 2020 Real Estate Almanac.

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Real Estate Almanac

Never before have so many different elements of the residential real estate brokerage business and organization been indexed, ranked and catalogued into one comprehensive compendium.  The Real Estate Almanac includes five distinct sections, each release electronically successively in the first five months of each year and then compiled into one exhaustive 450-page printed compendium, distributed each June. It is the residential real estate brokerage industry’s largest and most extensive collection of industry data and meaningful analysis.