Real Estate Almanac


T3 Sixty applies a rigorous methodology to all sections of the Real Estate Almanac. For more details of the methodology for each section, please read below.

Almanac Methodology

To deliver the most accurate, meaningful and complete data possible, T3 Sixty starts with the broadest possible set of information, whether it be leaders for the SP 200, brokerages for the Mega 1000, technology providers for the Tech 500 or any of the other sections of the Real Estate Almanac before employing obtaining additional data in a variety of ways, including surveys, franchise reporting, MLS data, public financial statements, interviews, and several other proprietary processes. T3 Sixty strives to verify as far as possible, but, for obvious reasons, cannot guarantee 100 percent accuracy or completeness.

As T3 Sixty is committed to serving as the industry’s foremost provider of business intelligence, and we invite anyone who believes they can contribute to any data set in the Real Estate Almanac to contact our R&D team at We thank you in advance for any input you can provide to make the information we provide better.