Introducing the Real Estate Almanac: the residential real estate’s most comprehensive annual compendium

The inaugural 2020 report analyzes and indexes 2,257 business and leaders into one 450-page compilation. Complimentary copies provided to all companies and leaders mentioned.

SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO, Calif., June 22, 2020T3 Sixty, the residential real estate brokerage industry’s leading research and advisory firm, has released the 2020 Real Estate Almanac. This 450-page annual printed report analyzes the core components of the residential real estate brokerage industry and organizes key data about them into five sections: leaders (SP 200), organized real estate (ORE 200), technology (Tech 500), enterprises (franchise brands and holding companies) and brokerages (Mega 1000).

Released electronically in the first five months of the year, each section comes together in the comprehensive printed edition of the Real Estate Almanac: one resource that gives industry executives insight into where the industry is, where it is headed and who is taking it there. The compendium includes 2,257 companies, organizations and leaders who excelled in 2019 and lead the industry in 2020.

All 2,257 organizations and leaders listed in the Almanac will receive a complimentary copy of the 450-page report via mail this week. A limited number of printed copies are available for purchase, but everyone has access to the information at no cost at

The 2020 Real Estate Almanac includes the following five sections:

  • The SP 200, a ranking of 287 of the nation’s most powerful and influential leaders 
  • The ORE 200, a ranking of the nation’s 200 largest MLSs and 200 largest local and state Realtor associations
  • The Tech 500, indexing 287 technology services providers, in 63 different functionalities
  • Real Estate Enterprises, a ranking of the nation’s largest franchise brands and holding companies
  • The Mega 1000, a ranking of the nation’s 1,000 largest brokerages

Started in September 2019, the research and compilation of the report’s data took more than 1,200 hours and involved poring over companies’ year-end financials and reporting, numerous surveys, interviews, verification and even some audits. T3 Sixty also uses its proprietary algorithms to test and benchmark data against industry parameters and regional standards.

“To index the industry and compile its key information in one place has been a dream of mine for decades,” says Stefan Swanepoel, the Real Estate Almanac’s editor-in-chief and CEO of T3 Sixty. “I hope the compendium provides as much value to the industry and the joy it gave us in creating it.”

We all know knowledge is power. The inaugural edition of the Real Estate Almanac gives industry leaders, brokers and even agents more industry knowledge than any publication yet. With it, they have opportunity to better comprehend the full scope of the residential real estate brokerage industry, benchmark their organizations against category leaders and track where the industry is heading.


About T3 Sixty

Exclusively serving the residential real estate brokerage industry, T3 Sixty provides management consulting and counseling to real estate C-level executives, organized real estate leaders, broker-owners and leaders of high-performance teams to help them grow their businesses. T3 Sixty also offers in-depth research, information and best practices with its hallmark Swanepoel Trends Report, an annual analysis of the biggest trends impacting the industry, and the Real Estate Almanac, a comprehensive examination of the U.S.’s largest brokerages, franchises, networks, associations, MLSs and technology providers. More at

About the Real Estate Almanac

The Real Estate Almanac is a comprehensive compendium of information of the residential real estate brokerage industry’s most powerful and influential people, largest companies and organizations and its most important technologies. The publication, which debuts in June 2020, includes five components: the SP200, a ranking of the nation’s most powerful leaders (released each January); the ORE 200, a ranking of the nation’s largest MLSs and Realtor associations (released each February); the Tech 500, the nation’s leading technology vendors (released each March); a ranking of the nation’s largest franchisors, holding companies and enterprises (released each April); and the Mega 1000, a ranking of the nation’s 1,000 largest brokerages (released each May). Together, these comprise the Real Estate Almanac. More information