Real Estate Almanac

Organized Real Estate

The Organized Real Estate 200 (ORE 200), the second section of the Real Estate Almanac, is released each February. The list includes membership and organization data for all of the nation’s MLSs, state Realtor associations and local Realtor associations.

What is the ORE 200?

Realtor associations and MLSs are collectively referred to as organized real estate. The three serve as the infrastructure for the residential real estate brokerage industry. Associations, which exist at the national, state and local level set industry professionalism, advocate for policies that support their members’ business and often run MLSs, which enable collaboration among competing brokers and agents to facilitate fast transactions.

The ORE 200 ranks all of the nation’s state Realtor associations, local Realtor associations and MLSs by their membership counts in three separate rankings.

Tracking and dissecting organized real estate in this way provides insights into the way organized real estate is growing and changing. The charts below provide an example.

The diligent work by the Real Estate Standards Organization (RESO) to standardize real estate data makes T3 Sixty’s research and analysis much easier. T3 Sixty strongly supports RESO vision in setting and improving industry standards.