Brokerage Survey

The Real Estate Almanac is an annual analysis of the residential real estate brokerage industry to create most comprehensive compendium of leaders, executives, brokerages, franchises, technology providers, networks, associations, MLSs and more. The Almanac also incorporates the rankings of the Power200, Tech500 and the Mega1000. This survey is used for analysis in the brokerage (Mega 1000) section.

Survey Notes

Completion is required by NO LATER THAN Friday February 27, 2021. Late submissions may not be included in the 2021 rankings. T3 Sixty may reach out to you for clarification as well as verify information provided against other databases, including MLS data.

Results will be published in 2021 Real Estate Almanac. The survey starts below. At the conclusion of the survey, you will have the opportunity to save your data and will be asked to confirm that the information submitted is accurate. Once complete, confirmation of submission will be sent to you via email.

If you have questions about completing the survey please reach out to our SVP of Research, Michele Conn, at Thank you in advance for your participation.

Note: When completing the survey below (sections 1-6), please read each question carefully. The following indicators are provided for your reference: (*) indicates a required field, (#) indicates a number field, and ($) indicates a dollar amount is required.


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Real Estate Almanac

Leaders are evaluated based on the office they hold, the decision-making power associated with the office, the financial resources at their disposal, their organization’s industry significance and geographical reach, public announcements about imminent changes, their tenure and their personal influence in the industry.