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Enterprise Software

Enterprise software is software that is used by larger companies and is divided into three categories: Enterprise Core Front Office, Enterprise Core Back Office and Enterprise Transaction Management Software.

Harvey Ball: The completeness of each product’s Tech Marketplace profile is denoted with a Harvey ball under the following metrics:

  • Empty: Less than 10% profile complete
  • Quarter-filled ball: 11-35% profile complete
  • Half-filled ball: 36-60% profile complete
  • Three-quarters ball: 61-85% profile complete
  • Filled ball: 86-100% profile complete

Reviewed Badge: Products that T3 Sixty has either conducted a recent demo of, worked with in a contracting project or have worked directly with recently, are denoted with a “Reviewed” badge.

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Enterprise Core Front Office

The enterprise core front-office category consists of brokerage websites, agent websites, CRM, marketing center, email marketing, some print marketing, comparable market analysis and showing solutions. Note: this category does not include lead generation, digital marketing or data platforms that may be purchased in addition to the core front-office solution.

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Constellation1 by Constellation Real Estate Group

Delta Media Group

IDC Global

kvCORE by Inside Real Estate



Reliance Network

Elevate by Elm Street Technology

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Enterprise Core Back Office

Technologies in the enterprise core back office section help organizations with internal utility and operations functions. The back-office category contains companies that provide accounting, commission management and calculations or other back office functions. Some of these companies also provide transaction management.


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Brokerage Engine


Constellation1 by Constellation Real Estate Group

CORE BackOffice by Inside Real Estate





Lone Wolf Technologies


Profit Power by LanTrax



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Enterprise Transaction Management Software

Enterprise core transaction management technologies help brokerages and agents streamline transaction workflows including compliance, collaboration, coordination, storage and contract approval. Some of these companies also provide back office systems or are integrated with these systems.

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Brokerage Engine


Constellation1 by Constellation Real Estate Group

Rooms for Real Estate by DocuSign

dotloop by Zillow Group

Form Simplicity by Florida Realtors

Paperless Pipeline



SkySlope by Fidelity National Financial

Transact by PlanetRE

TransactionDesk by Lone Wolf Technologies

zipForm by Lone Wolf Technologies

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