Updates: 2020 Swanepoel Power 200 released January 14, 2020. Association/MLS rankings coming February 17, 2020.

Power 200 Rank


Vince Malta


National Association of Realtors

The 2020 NAR president, Malta comes to the association leadership role as a 43-year industry vet and owner of San Francisco brokerage Malta & Co. A third-generation Realtor and a former president of the California Association of Realtors, he will help lead NAR in a charged year that will see the association tackle the marketing of coming soon and pocket listings and the class-action antitrust lawsuits that name NAR as a defendant.

Evaluating Leaders

Leaders are evaluated based on the office they hold, the decision-making power associated with the office, the financial resources at their disposal, their organization’s industry significance and geographical reach, public announcements about imminent changes, their tenure and their personal influence in the industry.