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Technology Services

The residential real estate brokerage industry has a vast pool of technology to choose from. That’s why T3 Sixty built the Tech 500, to present real estate’s leading tech products – those with happy customers, great support, adaptive and forward-thinking product roadmaps, and innovative tools – in one place, organized into 63 functional categories.

What is the Tech 500?

The Tech 500 is an annual list of the industry’s leading tech products designed to help brokers, agents and teams better evaluate and choose technologies that will help them grow and streamline their businesses. T3 Sixty, based on its extensive consulting practice and thorough research, selected 300 leading products mapped across the Real Estate Technology Landscape for 2021.

T3 Sixty’s Real Estate Technology Landscape organizes industry technology products by how brokerages, agents and teams actually use them in their businesses. This means separating the tools into functional categories, defined by where they fit into the brokerage process or where they land in the consumer sales funnel. Therefore, the Landscape is organized into the following seven sections:

  • Enterprise Software (3 categories)
  • Top of the Funnel (25 categories)
  • Middle of the Funnel (16 categories)
  • Bottom of the Funnel (8 categories)
  • Post Funnel (4 categories)
  • Broker Platform (6 categories)
  • Other Technologies (1 category) 

Real Estate Technology Landscape

Enterprise Software

Enterprise software is software that is used by larger companies and is divided into three categories: Enterprise Core Front Office, Enterprise Core Back Office and Enterprise Transaction Management Software.

Post Funnel

This section includes categories that support activities at the end of a transaction or after it has been completed.

Broker Platform

This section includes categories that support activities at the end of a transaction or after it has been completed.

Other Technologies of Interest

This section includes solutions that support brokerage operations and includes just one category. These products do not fit well into any of the above technology landscape categories, but have a unique, innovative technology or feature that distinguish them and warrant mentioning.

New This Year

This year, the Tech 500 is bolstered by the T3 Tech Marketplace, a broad compendium of residential real estate tech T3 Sixty launched in January 2021. The Marketplace, as of February 2021, has over 994 products from 865 vendors.

The products in the Tech 500 that T3 Sixty has either conducted a recent demo of, worked with in a contracting project or have worked directly with recently, are denoted with a “Reviewed” badge.

In addition, each product listed in the Tech 500 includes a link to its corresponding profile on the T3 Tech Marketplace. The completeness of each product’s Tech Marketplace profile is denoted in the Tech 500 with a Harvey ball under the following metrics:

Empty ball: 10% profile complete and below

Quarter-filled ball: 11-35% profile complete

Half-filled ball: 36-60% profile complete

Three-quarters-filled ball: 61-85% profile complete

Filled ball: 86-100% profile complete

Tech 500 Methodology

As with all of T3 Sixty’s publications, no company paid for inclusion in the Tech 500. A mix of the following criteria determined each product’s inclusion:
  • Innovation/application within the Real Estate Technology Landscape
  • Depth, breadth, and reliability of solutions
  • Known or tested client satisfaction or adoption metrics
  • Product’s/provider’s market share
  • Year-over-year growth, specifically related to significant new enterprise clients
  • Ability to service and support clients, including enterprise entities
  • Leadership in their respective categories/overall impact on the industry
T3 Sixty strives to verify data as far as possible but, for obvious reasons, cannot guarantee 100 percent accuracy or completeness. T3 Sixty is committed to serving as the industry’s foremost provider of business intelligence and we invite anyone who believes they can contribute to any data set in the Tech 500 to contact T3 Sixty’s research and development team at We thank you in advance for any input you can provide to make the information we provide better