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Executives/​Leaders (SP 200)

Released annually in January, the Swanepoel Power 200 (SP 200) ranks the most powerful and influential executives in the residential real estate brokerage industry.
Executives Legend
The color legend to the right illustrates the various backgrounds for the top executives in the residential real estate industry.

The Swanepoel Power 200

The 2023 list, the 10th annual, is below. The ranking of leaders and executives on the SP 200 are not based on company size. In fact, size is just one of eight criteria used. Any reference to size and sales volume is shared for framing purposes and numbers quoted reflect 2021, the last full-year audited numbers. Audited numbers for 2022 will be available 90-120 days after the end of the financial year and will be released by T3 Sixty in May (known as the Mega 1000).

Analysis of the SP 200 takes approximately 10 T3 executives approximately 500 hours, following a deliberate, detailed procedure and review of the eight criteria. The SP 200 attempts to provide an accurate reflection of the leadership of the industry as is; it includes no sponsorships, pay-to-play, discrimination, or preferential treatment. Learn more about the methodology and process used to determine the rankings.

You can view the Swanepoel Power 200 visually below, or view the SP 200 in its full detail view.

Rank 1-10
Rank 11-50
Rank 51-70
Kenny Parcell
Stephen “Steve” Baird
Patrick "Pat" Dodd
Rank 71-90
Joshua Harley
Carolyn Cheng
Joe Skousen
Rank 91-110
Rank 111-130
John Seebree
Melissa McSherry
David Mele
Rank 131-150
Phil Wood
Michele Mills Clement
Larry "Boomer" Foster
Pat Riley
Deidre O'Connell
Bo Menkiti
Rank 151-170
Craig Witt
Mark Leck
Gary Acosta
Jimmy Burgess
Sajag Patel
Byron McDuffee
Gene Millman
Dan Corkill
Patrick van den Bossche
Rank 171-200
JW Webb
Mark Spain
Shelly Tomlinson Johnson
Rick Trevino
Natalia Karayaneva
Stuart White
Allan Dalton
Wendy Forsythe
Lydia Pope
Tim Dain
Sheryl Chinowth
Carrie Wheeler
Clint Fouts
Shelley Specchio
Chris Lim
Kurt Nishimura
Michael Glazer
Paul Benson
Joseph “Joe” Chen
Jessica Hickok
Melinda Witmer
Josh Summers
Stacie Staub
Laura O'Connor
Caitlin McCrory
Brian Lent & David Bluhm
Josh Jensen
Gavin Blair
Adam Hergenrother
Greg Harrelson
Richard Haggerty
Gabe Richter
DeAnn Golden
Dan Foody & Alex Cote
Jessica Edgerton
Michael Collins
Outside Influencers
Priscilla Almodovar
Stephen R. Bough
Warren Buffett
Michael DeVito
Merrick B. Garland
Lina M. Khan

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The Real Estate Almanac is created by T3 Sixty, and as such eligible executives from T3 Sixty and its related companies are excluded from the SP 200 executives ranking. The following executives associated with T3 Sixty companies would otherwise have ranked in the SP 200:

  • Stefan Swanepoel, Founder and Executive Chairman, T3 Sixty
  • Jack Miller, President and CEO, T3 Sixty
  • Mitch Robinson, President, Real Estate News

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All research, analysis and rankings are compiled every year by the team at T3 Sixty. The SP 200 is the first of five monthly Real Estate Almanac annual installments – executives (SP 200, January); organized real estate organizations (February); leading technology providers (March); holding companies, franchise brands and public companies (Corporations, April); and the nation’s largest brokerage companies (Mega 1000, May). All these lists and rankings are available at at no cost as a complimentary service to the industry.