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The 2022 Leadership Rankings, ranks the most powerful and influential leaders and executives in the residential real estate brokerage industry for the preceding year.
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The color legend to the right illustrates the various backgrounds for the top executives in the residential real estate industry.

Thoughts on Leadership

Great leaders are not passive – they do not sit on the sidelines. They don’t trade on past accomplishments but focus on their potential for further impact. Good leaders rise to the top. Great leaders help others ascend. Good leaders manage for today. Visionary leaders focus on what’s next. Good leaders adapt to change. Transformational leaders create change.

For the ninth year, The Swanepoel Power 200 is proud to highlight the real estate leaders and executives across facets of the industry, who shape, build, lead and contribute to making it better.

After a year of unprecedented market activity and societal uncertainty, and as a large than before group of new leaders emerge, those who have made the 2022 SP 200 list have truly made a difference to the industry and will lead, shape and forever impact the industry for many years to come. On behalf of the industry, T3 Sixty offers the sincerest congratulations to this year’s list of SP 200 honorees.

The Swanepoel Power 200

The 2022 list, our ninth annual, as of January 1st 2022, can be found here. 
The ranking of leaders and executives on the SP 200 are not based on company size. In fact, size it just one of eight criteria used. Any reference to size and sales volume is shared for framing purposes and numbers quoted reflect the last full year audited numbers which is 2020. 2021 audited numbers will be available 90-120 days after the end of the financial year and will be released by T3 Sixty in May (known as the Mega 1000).
Analysis of the SP 200 takes approximately 10 T3 executives approximately 500 hours, following a deliberate detailed procedure and review of the eight criteria. The SP 200 attempts to provide an accurate reflection of the leadership of the industry as is, and no sponsorships, pay-to-play, discrimination, or preferential treatment of any kind is permitted or tolerated. The methodology and process used to determine the rankings can be found here.

You can view the Power 200 visually below, or click here to view it in its traditional card view.

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Each year, we hold a mirror up to the residential real estate brokerage industry and asks: Who are the most powerful and influential executives that have the most significant impact and potential impact on the industry?

To determine the 2022 list of the 200 most powerful (including some pairs and triples in a few positions resulting in 215 people being listed in 2022); we expanded the reviewing and judging process to consist of 10 people. None of the judges may be considered for the SP 200 themselves, may not work for any company represented on the SP 200 and has to agree to review all potential candidates based on information available and to do so objectively, fairly and in good faith.

Where We Start

The process starts with some 3,000 executives and involves a mix of quantitative and qualitative assessments, their role in their organization, the organization’s size and scope,  their tenure at the organization and in the industry, each person’s relative power and influence in his or her own organization, family of companies, the in the industry in general as well as their community outside of real estate, recent growth and developments at their organization and the impact that has had on competitors and the industry at large.

The exact process and evaluation criteria guidelines we follow can be seen here.

This is a lot of information to digest, and, of course, some data points are not readily available or sometimes not obtainable at all. But we do attempt to verify as much data as possible through information supplied with nominations, reviewing bios, organizational org charts, annual reports and transactional and sales volume data, sales or agent/subscribers/membership counts, and so on. We send hundreds of requests for additional information, personally verifying announcements and have various interviews with executives in the industry.

What is Power?

Even though a lot of research and analyzes is undertaken, the concept of power is not easy or straightforward to define or analyze.

Some people have entrepreneurial power, some have financial strength, some hold high office, some have personal power, some have positional power, while others have political clout. Some are innovators, some executives, some doers, some dealmakers.

You can just imagine the healthy debate involved when 10 strong-minded and smart people attempt to wrap their heads around tens of thousands of data points and opinions.

It remains as much an art and it is a science.

The Results

To those who feel they know someone else could be included but was not, rest assured that there certainly are tens of thousands of other great executives and leaders throughout the industry that have all made and continue to make a difference.

The SP 200 is T3 Sixty’s sincere opinion of what we believe is the best accurate reflection of the residential real estate brokerage industry’s most powerful and influential 200 executives and leaders. This group has the most potential and power to shape the industry’s future.

To those included: We salute you. Well done and thank you! Your efforts, hard work and contributions to your own company and to our industry during the year 2021, is hereby acknowledged as impressive and worthy of recognition.

Go to the full SP 200 rankings now.

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