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The Corporations section ranks the nation’s largest enterprises, franchise brands and franchisees by US sales volume. They are also ranked by full-year transaction sides and agent counts as at year-end. T3 Sixty has decided not to publish the the Corporations ranking until the compensation lawsuits have been settled or resolved.

2024 Corporations Update

Due to current and pending lawsuits, and at the request of numerous privately owned brokerage companies involved in these lawsuits, T3 Sixty has decided not to publish the 2024 ranking of the U.S.’s 1,000 largest brokerages in the Mega 1000, or its ranking of the nation’s largest real estate enterprises, franchise brands and franchisees.

Our other rankings — SP 200, MLSs and Realtor associations, and Tech 200 — have been or will be released, but brokerage company rankings only will be reinstated once the lawsuits are settled/resolved.

Should a brokerage company like to know their official individual Mega 1000 ranking, please email Paul Hagey, editor-in-chief of the Real Estate Almanac, at

Jack Miller
President and CEO, T3 Sixty