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Enterprises, also known as holding companies, are the largest firms in the residential real estate industry. They represent the largest players in the residential real estate brokerage business and include both the brokerage and franchise wings of real estate companies. This section ranks the nation’s 20 largest enterprises by their total audited transaction side count for the full 2021 calendar year.
Top Enterprises

Access rankings for the nation’s largest real estate enterprises by sales volume, transaction sides, agent count and year-over-year growth by clicking on the icons to the right.

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Top 20 Residential Real Estate Enterprises Ranked by Transaction Sides

The nation’s 20 largest enterprises by 2021 transaction sides are presented below.

(1) Company provided partial data or elected not to provide any data. Additional research/analysis was used to calculate data.

(2) Company publicly reports only “Lead Agents”, however it engages additional licensed agents to conduct real estate activities. Additional research/analysis was conducted to estimate total licensed agents.

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