Robert “Bob” Goldberg

Chief Executive Officer

National Association of Realtors
2021 Rank: 8

2020 was Bob Goldberg’s third year as NAR’s CEO. As the most powerful executive in the most powerful real estate association in the world, he continued his successful advocacy for the industry’s 1.4 million members throughout 2020, including in the fight to have real estate professionals deemed essential workers when Covid-19 was shuttering businesses across the country. He also direct NAR’s successful effort to ensure the Paycheck Protection Program applied to real estate agents.

Beginning his tenure with promises to “smash the ivory tower” and “turn the pyramid upside down,” Goldberg continues to push for more transparency and open communication with state and local Realtor association leaders, as well as with membership. Under his leadership, NAR has continued to work behind the scenes with legislators, policymakers and regulators on issues of interest to the Realtor community.

Despite the massive disruptions caused by Covid-19 to organized real estate, Goldberg led NAR to go virtual, go digital, and go remote in very short order. Those of us used to the massive NAR conferences and meetings were shocked at the speed and professionalism of NAR at putting on large events virtually, and getting things done, including the annual Realtor Convention.

In one significant development this year, NAR was named one of America’s top workplaces by the Great Place to Work Institute in October. With a response rate of over 90 percent, NAR employees surveyed anonymously responded very positively to questions about credibility, respect, fairness, pride and camaraderie.

As NAR faces significant challenges from class-action lawyers and from the U.S. government — NAR recently settled with the U.S. Department of Justice around some of the disclosure rules regarding commissions — having an energized and happy staff will become even more important to its mission. And Bob Goldberg is its undisputed leader.

Goldberg is not new to NAR or the real estate industry. He has been ranked among the 50 most powerful real estate leaders since the SP200 launched in 2014. Goldberg holds a BA from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill.

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