Real Estate Almanac

Middle of the Funnel

Middle of the funnel products are used to build relationships and turn prospects into clients. This section includes 8 categories.
T3 Tech 200 2024
Legend: T3 Sixty identified up to 5 best-in-class products in each category. Some categories include a Watchlist of up to 3 up-and-coming products.

Automated Consumer Engagement

Automated consumer engagement tools help brokerages, teams and agents automate routine tasks in their businesses. Some include just software; others are software systems augmented with human intelligence and live support when the automation needs it.

Collaborative Home Search

These tools leverage collaborative communication and data strategies to engage contacts and clients, particularly homebuyers during their property search process.


CRMs, one of the most-used and vital products in a real estate pro’s toolchest, help pros organize and optimize contacts and communication with database contacts.

Email Marketing

Email marketing systems allow brokerages and agents to efficiently manage and track email campaigns to their database.

Listing Presentation

A staple of real estate agent software, comparative market analysis (CMA) and listing presentation tools allow agents to prepare compelling, data-rich property-specific reports.

Marketing Center

A marketing center allows brokers, teams and agents to quickly and easily create marketing materials to use with their listings, neighborhood or personal marketing.

Showing Solutions

Showing products allow brokers, teams and agents manage and schedule showings.

Photography Solutions

Solutions in this subcategory facilitate and enhance the photography of listings.

Virtual Tours

These solutions center on developing virtual tours of listings.