Real Estate Almanac

Tech 200

The Tech 200 identifies the residential real estate brokerage industry’s best technology by 42 functional groupings across the T3 Tech Landscape. The 2023 edition features a total of 199 products from 78 companies.

The Tech 200

T3 Tech Landscape

Top of the funnel products are used to generate initial contacts with consumers. This section includes 5 categories and 18 subcategories.

Middle of the funnel products are used to build relationships and turn prospects into clients. This section includes 8 categories.

Bottom of the funnel products are used to process or facilitate real estate transactions. This section includes 6 categories.

Post funnel products are used to engage real estate consumers to win repeat-and-referral business. This section includes 4 categories.

Business system products are used to refine, forecast and optimize real estate businesses. This section includes 5 categories.

These all-in-one platforms provide real estate brokers, teams and agents tools that cover multiple levels of the T3 Tech Landscape at a high level in one tightly integrated system.

Tech 200 Methodology

T3 Sixty analyzes thousands of products as it finalizes the Tech 200, taking into account the depth, breadth and reliability of each product, its market share, client satisfaction and adoption metrics, as well as its marketplace reputation, long-term viability and company stability. Featured products must either be available for standalone purchase or so valuable that a broker, agent or business owner would purchase the full platform based on the strength of that product alone.

As with all of T3 Sixty’s publications, no company paid for inclusion in the Tech 200. A mix of the following criteria determined each product’s inclusion:

  • Innovation and application within the T3 Tech Landscape
  • Depth, breadth and reliability of solutions
  • Known or tested client satisfaction or adoption metrics
  • Product’s market share
  • Year-over-year growth
  • Ability to service and support clients
  • Leadership in their respective categories
  • Overall impact on the industry

T3 Sixty strives to verify data as far as possible but, for obvious reasons, cannot guarantee 100 percent accuracy or completeness. T3 invites anyone who believes they can contribute to any data set in the Tech 200 to contact T3 Sixty’s research and development team at