Real Estate Almanac

Top of the Funnel

Top of the funnel products are used to generate initial contacts with consumers. This section includes 5 categories and 18 subcategories.
T3 Tech 200 2024
Legend: T3 Sixty identified up to 5 best-in-class products in each category. Some categories include a Watchlist of up to 3 up-and-coming products.

Content Marketing

Real estate brokerages and teams use content marketing to attract, engage, and retain clients by creating and sharing relevant content.

Housing Market Reports

Housing market report technology helps agents to provide local housing market reports for homeowners and homebuyers. Some of these solutions send reports automatically, others aid presentations.

Neighborhood Information

These tech solutions facilitate the inclusion of neighborhood data and content into real estate websites, applications and reports.

Social Marketing

These tools help brokers and agents streamline the management of their social media with scheduling, tracking and automation. Some products offer content management with a hierarchy of roles.

Digital Advertising

Digital advertising products help real estate brokerages and agents market their real estate services through online channels, streaming content, and more. Websites are a form of digital advertising but, because of their outsized importance, have their own category.

Digital Marketing

These products help brokers and agents advertise to their spheres on social media and online media channels.

Watchlist: Leads Pro by Luxury Presence

Video Marketing

This category includes solutions that drive consumer views to channels such as YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia and internal platforms.

Lead Generation​

The solutions in this category include those that help real estate professionals organically attract or uncover leads and purchase ready-made leads from third-parties.


Dialer systems allow real estate agents to make high volumes of calls to leads or to their databases.

Lead Routing and Management

Lead management and conversion systems are fine-tuned platforms for managing and converting a large volume of inbound leads. Some of these systems exist within website lead generation platforms, as they include capabilities from both categories.

Open House Lead Capture

Open house lead capture tools capture consumer information at open houses and in-person events.

Predictive Marketing

Predictive marketing tools use data analytics and artificial intelligence to determine which prospects are likely to buy or sell, and, in some cases, the marketing actions that have the highest probability of succeeding.

Watchlist: Pure Leads Lab by Pure Leads Lab    —     Likely Sellers by Likely Analytics    —    CDP by Realforce

Sign Rider Lead

Sign rider lead-capture products collect consumer inquiries from yard signs.

Website Lead Generation Platform

Website lead generation platforms include lead routing, lead conversion, lead tracking and lead management features. These tools are often geared toward lead conversion teams who do large volumes of online business.

Property Advertising

This category includes products that help facilitate marketing related to properties, most often to brokers’ or agents’ listings.

Automated Digital Listing Advertising

This subcategory includes solutions that promote listings to social media and online advertising networks.

Watchlist: Listing Ads by Adwerx    —     SphereBuilder by Collabra Technology    —    MoxiPromote by MoxiWorks

Coming Soon and Private Inventory

Coming soon and private inventory database products allow agents and brokers to share their private inventory to an exclusive network and, in some cases, with the public.

Just Listed and Sold Print

This category includes traditional automated and mailed postcard print solutions and vendors that enable neighborhood prospecting through traditional mail marketing.

Watchlist: RealMailers by RealMailers    —     Xpressdocs by Xpressdocs

Texting Platform

Texting platforms can deliver SMS messages in multiple capacities: one to one, mass campaigns, prewritten content and sometimes live chat.

Watchlist: TextMagic by TextMagic

Website Solutions​

This category includes company and agent websites, website features and SEO/SEM optimization tools.

Live Chat

Chat systems facilitate chat-based interactions between agents, consumers or other parties to a transaction. In some cases, these systems engage or incubate a lead with AI until an agent can take over.

Watchlist: Smart Alto by Smart Alto


Search engine marketing (SEM) products offer management of paid search engine marketing campaigns. SEO products help optimize organic inbound traffic to websites.

Watchlist: Marketing by Reliance Network    —   SEO Pro by Luxury Presence

Website Providers

These products offer simple, quality websites, that allow brokerages and agents to showcase their brand, properties and content in a straightforward manner. They do not necessarily have all the bells and whistles, and costs, of a lead-generation website.

Watchlist: Agent Image by Agent Image    —     Real Estate Websites by Sierra Interactive