Real Estate Almanac

Top of the Funnel

Top of the funnel products are used to generate initial contacts with consumers. This section includes 5 categories and 18 subcategories.


T3 Sixty identified up to 5 best-in-class products in each category. Some categories include a Watchlist of up to 3 up-and-coming products.

Content Marketing

Real estate brokerages and teams use content marketing to attract, engage, and retain clients by creating and sharing relevant content.

Digital Advertising

Digital advertising products help real estate brokerages and agents market their real estate services through online channels, streaming content, and more. Websites are a form of digital advertising but, because of their outsized importance, have their own category.

Lead Generation​

The solutions in this category include those that help real estate professionals organically attract or uncover leads and purchase ready-made leads from third-parties.

Property Advertising

This category includes products that help facilitate marketing related to properties, most often to brokers’ or agents’ listings.

Website Solutions​

This category includes company and agent websites, website features and SEO/SEM optimization tools.