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The residential real estate brokerage industry has a vast pool of technology to choose from. That’s why T3 Sixty built the Tech 500, to present real estate’s leading tech products – those with happy customers, great support, adaptive and forward-thinking product roadmaps, and innovative tools – in one place, organized into 65 functional categories.

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Harvey Ball: The completeness of each product’s Tech Marketplace profile is denoted with a Harvey ball under the following metrics:

  • Empty: Less than 10% profile complete
  • Quarter-filled ball: 11-35% profile complete
  • Half-filled ball: 36-60% profile complete
  • Three-quarters ball: 61-85% profile complete
  • Filled ball: 86-100% profile complete

Reviewed Badge: Products that T3 Sixty has either conducted a recent demo of, worked with in a contracting project or have worked directly with recently, are denoted with a “Reviewed” badge.

Website: Use this icon to learn more about the product directly on T3 Tech Marketplace. 


Forms Solutions

Electronic forms solutions are a staple of real estate operations; they allow agents to complete contracts electronically. Many of these products also allow brokers and organizations to publish and manage company- or area-specific forms.


E-signature systems facilitate electronic signatures on agreements and include security protocols.

Seller Reports

Seller report solutions deliver reports to active sellers that illustrate consumer activity on their listing.

Relocation/Referral Management

These tools capture data, and track and update multiple parties involved with a relocation or referral lead.

Moving Concierge

These tools engage and assist consumer movers with information, guidance, data and connections to services or related to their move or setting up their new residence.



Property Professionals



General Ledger Accounting System (Not Real Estate-Specific)

These solutions are general market accounting systems not specific to real estate that real estate companies commonly use as real estate general ledgers.

Dynamics GP

NetSuite Accounting Software





Real Estate Commissions Calculation and Subledger

These technologies offer back-office features such as commission calculation and agent billing that real estate firms need to conduct their business. These integrate with a third-party general ledger accounting system such as in the previous category for general ledger accounting features.

Real Estate-Specific Accounting Systems

These are back-office systems that include their own general ledger for accounting as well as real estate specific functions such as commission calculation and agent billing. They are all-in-one solutions for real estate accounting.

Digital Payments

This category emerged in 2021-2022 with new forms of digital payments in real estate such as earnest money, crypto, NFTs, digital rent payments and more.

Transaction Management




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