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Real Estate Almanac


The Real Estate Almanac is an annual analysis of the residential real estate brokerage industry to create most comprehensive compendium of leaders, executives, brokerages, franchises, technology providers, networks, associations, MLSs and more. The Almanac also incorporates the rankings of the Power200, Tech500 and the Mega1000.

Introduction to the Real Estate Almamanc

Never before have so many different elements of the residential real estate brokerage business and organization been indexed, ranked and catalogued into one comprehensive compendium.  The Real Estate Almanac includes five distinct sections, each release electronically successively in the first five months of each year and then compiled into one exhaustive 400-page printed compendium, distributed each June.

It is the residential real estate brokerage industry’s largest and most extensive collection of industry data and meaningful analysis. The Almanac is arranged into five sections:

  • Section 1 – Leaders and Executives (SP 200) – Ranks the industry’s most powerful and influential leaders and executives – published electronically each January.
  • Section 2 – Organized Real Estate (ORE 200) – Ranks the industry’s largest associations (state and local) and MLS organizations – published electronically each February.
  • Section 3 – Technology Providers (Tech 500) – Ranks the industry’s most significant technology providers – published electronically each March.
  • Section 4 – Enterprise Companies (The Titans) – Ranks the industry’s largest holding companies and franchise brands – published electronically each April.
  • Section 5 – Brokerage Companies (Mega 1000) – Ranks the largest residential real estate brokerages in the nation – published electronically each May.

The industry is changing faster now than it ever has, as the large amounts of capital injected into real estate in the last few years have accelerated innovation, technology and new business models.  After conducting a thorough historical industry analysis, T3 Sixty uncovered a pattern of innovation cycles, or stages as we refer to them, whose spans range between approximately 15 years with different components driving each stage.

The current stage, which began in approximately 2012, is dominated by the disproportionately large amounts of capital pouring into the industry. From 2014 to 2019, the amount jumped nearly 500 percent from $725 billion in 2014 to $3,347 billion in 2019.

As transformation happens, the Real Estate Almanac keeps track of the change and enables of us to remain current and aware of the shifts. It allows us to accurately understand who in the industry is succeeding at the highest levels, be brokerages, franchisors, associations of MLS organizations. The Almanac is an invaluable reference guide.

Congratulations on your inclusion if you are one of the approximately 2,000 companies or individuals included in the Almanac, good luck for next year if you weren’t but hope to. Otherwise simply use the resource, appreciate the insight it provides us, reference the data when writing or presenting and use the numbers as benchmarks and targets when mapping out your goals.