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Tracy Kasper

2024 President, 
National Association of Realtors
2024 Rank: 42
UPDATE: A day before launching the 2024 SP 200, Kasper resigned her position as 2024 NAR president. A broker from Idaho who has been on NAR’s board of directors since 2016, she assumed her position early in August 2023, when her predecessor Kenny Parcell resigned. The turnover among NAR leaderships continues a trend of turmoil at the top of the association, which saw its CEO resign in late 2023, has grappled with allegations of sexual misconduct, and continues its legal battles related to several high-profile compensation lawsuits. To learn more about NAR and its future, get complimentary access to the leading chapter of the 2024 Swanepoel Trends Report, “Why NAR Must Fundamentally Change or Fail.”