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Glenn Sanford

Glenn Sanford

Founder and CEO, 
eXp World Holdings
2024 Rank: 4

Sanford’s eXp Realty, part of eXp World Holdings, remains a rocket ship in the real estate industry. As one of the fastest-growing companies in the industry’s history, eXp Realty, which ranks as the U.S.’s fourth largest brokerage with over 74,000 agents who do nearly $160 billion in annual sales, operates an attractive model, for both its agents, and for those at other firms.

This influence contributes to the power and influence Sanford has in the industry. In a challenging market, he led eXp to the following performance through the first nine months of 2023:
• $3.3 billion in revenue
• $12.2 million in net income
• Introduced a brokerage and team acquisition model in Boost
• Grew new luxury division eXp Luxury with 1,100 members in three countries
• Launched eXp Exclusives company listing network

The company, founded by Sanford in 2009, has never suffered from a lack of initiatives, like the latter three bullets listed above. That’s one of the company’s and Sanford’s strengths. Additionally, in 2023, the influence of leaders Leo Pareja and Michael Valdes reflects a renewed focus on building a strong executive management team since the departure of former CEO Jason Gesing.

The firm maintains an innovative model that has achieved profitability at scale, and, Sanford, as the firm’s largest shareholder and ultimate decision-maker, remains one of the industry’s five most powerful leaders in 2024.