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Gino Blefari

Gino Blefari

President and CEO, 
HomeServices of America
2024 Rank: 3

Blefari, the leader of real estate behemoth HomeServices of America (HSA), kept the company on a steady track amid a challenging real estate environment in 2023. The company, which has over 73,000 agents at company-owned and franchised offices who do over $247 billion in annual sales, has been relatively quiet. But it remains strong, reflecting the leadership of the person at the helm.

In addition, many considered Blefari’s performance on the stand in the Sitzer-Burnett compensation trial to be strong, characterized by consistent answers and a strong narrative.

He also guided his firm well through a tough year. Through the first nine months in 2023, the company remained profitable, a feat for any brokerage last year, especially one of that size. In that period, the firm brought in $3.4 billion in revenue with net earnings of $25 million.

2024 carries uncertainty – related to the market and the outstanding compensation lawsuits and regulatory scrutiny. And HSA remains in a strong position, backed by Berkshire Hathaway (which gives the firm access to perhaps the largest amount of capital in the industry, if needed), led by an experienced, steady leader in Blefari.

For these reasons, Blefari remains among the three most powerful leaders in real estate in 2024.